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June 21, 2007


I still refer to them as 'graveyards' and I love them, I'll find them wherever we go and just walk around for a few hours, the older ones the better. I mailed off squares yesterday...I should knit up some more, there's plenty of time....
Loved all the photos of your knitting/fibre holiday, every one of them, what a fabulous time that must have been!

I think it's great that you really enjoyed your trip back home.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures. I love old cemeteries too. What is that fabulous sock pattern?

I'm enjoying getting to tag along on your trip to Estes but I'm wondering how my tractor got all the way to Kansas :)
Can't wait for pics of your shawl!!

I can not find your email for the life of me!!! Can you email me? I have something that I need to ask you!

Sounds like a wonderful trip from start to finish, in spite of the scones not being perfect. Perfect is highly overrated anyway. So...are you coming to Michigan next month with Lynne et al? Inquiring minds want to know. :)

Your trip sounds lovely.. I love all the pictures. And of course I love seeing all the squares!

Oh Laura! I'm just so sad it didn't go on and on. The weekend was just to short. Our next trip together must be longer. I too love to walk around old 'graveyards' (I always type yarn for yard):-) and read the dates, see the sculpture and such. It was so enjoyable and relaxing to watch you spin and I see you in my minds eye often when I think back on our weekend. I can't wait to see the progress of your beautiful shawl!

I enjoyed all the pictures of your trip. It made me feel like I was there. You're not alone when it comes to visiting old cemeteries. We've been to several recently. I love the old marble headstones.

Laura, all your travel photos are gorgeous.

I was just thinking those looked like Great Gran squares!

Out of curiosity, who is putting all those afghans together?

Oh, it sounds that you had a great trip. It's so fun to see the pictures from the trip!

Oh my goodness what a fantastic trip! The sheer number of gorgeous scenery pics you have is awesome. I love exploring old cemetaries too. Thanks for sharing those pics - so heartbreaking, those baby headstones.
My goodness look at those black and white squares - I never would have thought of pairing those, but they are so pretty.
You will easily need that many for your seaming party - if not more! That is going to be such fun.

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