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June 20, 2007


Hi Laura!
I loove your mountain pictures, I can almost see myself standing there.
I was all geared up to see Mim spinning with a spindle lol
Love the blues blanket, its the same kind my mum makes, they are soo cosy to curl up in front of the t.v. with. Lila Pearl, gorgeous as ever!

Wow!! I am sooo jealous of your fun trip. Maybe I will try to convince Lynette to go to this fiber fest next year.

I'm in Chicago this week but will resume knitting squares when I go back on Monday. I will send them out by the end of the week.

You're doing a fabulous job describing your trip. I feel like I'm right there with you.

You soooo deserved this vacation. I'm jealous, but I feel like I'm enjoying myself through your pictures. Wonderful!

You captured many fine pictures of our adventure. I want to be back there again!

What a fun time! I'm envious of all the great shopping and the time spent with so many knitters!

You really have to go back and visit Rocky Mountain National Park. It's a beautiful place. Estes Park was crowded when we were there two years ago in July. Nice to know it's not that busy in June. Love your mountain picture!

It all sounds like so much fun! I need a trip like that.

I'd love to go to the Stanley Hotel also, for me it's especially after seeing it on "Ghost Hunters."

Laura - thanks for the great pictures! Looks like a great fibery fair to put my my future agenda. (oh someday, I'm gonna get to one, I just know it)

I'll whip off some squares this weekend, and get them in the mail to you on Monday. What a huge project you undertook! Are you going to need help stitching them all together? Maybe you should invite a bunch of knitters to Kansas? You know, for a weekend blanket-square-stitch-together party?

You got some amazing pictures!!

What a great trip - I am amazed at how beautiful the surroundings were. Gorgeous - you take such great photos of the sky too.
It looks like you guys had a great time together (sorry to hear about the pesky baking glitches - I hate that!) and what restraint you all showed at this fibre fest. I thought we would be seeing mounds of yarn but the spindles, my goodness I hadn't thought about how the differences in weight, style etc. would influence your end product. Isn't it incredible how much there is to learn?
And it is such fun learning.

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