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June 08, 2007


I really love how the over-dye came out! I have so many skeins of sock yarn that were given to me that I just don't care for. I would love to over-dye them. When life calms down for you, could you do a blog post/tutorial type of thing on how to over-dye? I would love to try it!

I have more squares finished...just waiting to send off a stash of them!

Have you considered perhaps starting NOW to seam these afgans? It just seems like an awful lot to do in one day! You have so many squares already!

The Happy Dance turned Waltz looks fabulous! I'm happy you found a way to make it your own.

Laura, I just have to say "I LOVE your blog." The overdye looks amazing!!! I may have to order the same yarn and do the same thing I love the results so much!! I'm really glad you joined Spun Stitches!!! It is crammed full of beautiful projects and the spinning pics are yummy. Thank you for posting Jan's link! She sent me some fiber when I first started spinning and I had lost track of her! Um...a suggestion for ya: the seaming party might need to be a seaming weekend to tackle over 2,000 squares!!! And a question: could someone still officially join you guys on the Weight Loss Challenge? Oooh your girls are so cute I just want to pinch their little cheeks and kiss noses!

That is a totally reachable goal! Especially since Great Gran called last night and asked how many I had made. I said, "One." And she said, "HAH! I've made FIVE." And she is still going.

The Happy Dance turned out great - overdying scares the pants off of me. I admire your bravery.

Wow, this post is loaded with information! My comments could be just as long, but I'll keep it short by saying I enjoyed reading about everything.

I think it might work out that I'll be at Estes Park. We are still working out the details. I'll let you know. Hope to see you there.

Whew...Simply loved it all, Laura! I hope that our troops will be as fortunate as the folks in Greensburg with our new afghan drive. So much love wrapped up in all those squares..and that afghan was beautiful! It is simply adorable...especially with the lil ones "modeling" with it!

Thanks for the photos once again..it helps tell the story of events that happen in your day. The shawl is very beautiful...anxious to see what it will look like when you finish it...and I am sure you will post a pic.

Well, it is Friday..kids are home now and as you know, "no time for the weary"...then again..who has time to be weary???

I will be sending out a few boxes today!


The overdye job is fantastic, Laura! I should send you a few skeins from my stash that are all the wrong colors for me! Maybe we can work out a little something for you to re-dye it for me!

I just noticed the square total went up. Hmmmmm...... But what is a girl to do when the yarn stash is extremely low?????

Go Shopping!

beautiful overdye job. makes me get some ideas here for the yarn I just don't have a purpose for.

of course I loose the connection after I write a long comment grrrrrrrrrr
humm lets see
I can't help but laugh at little Emeline even though I'm sure she didn't think it was funny but she looks like a little gourd head hheheh
The lap ghan is fantastic and so many more squares how wonderful. You're definatley going for the higher goal girl cause we're gonna DO IT!
Im excited about your shawl in progress, I love what you spun already and can't wait to see what the rest turns out like, let along the shawl itself! Its going to be sooooo fabulous!
Your lucky Carole loves you so much cause I would have BEAT YOU WITH A STICK for overdying that. Typical miss Laura, but it did turn out fabulous!

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