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June 01, 2007


Thanks for the wonderful updates! I am enjoying your blog and am inspired by your positive energy and all the wonderful square donations. When "Team Seam" has time it will be lovely to see the first finished afghan! Best regards from Seattle. :-)

Isn't it amazing what knitters and crocheters can do? Happy Birthday to Emeline! Hope she gets her cell phone. ;-)

Happy Birthday EMELINE! My birthday is now a day behind me (June 1)Thanks for sharing the photos of your family and the very beautifully made squares! They will make lovely afghans!

I can bet that the "+" will happen!
Have a great weekend!


I love seeing all the squares and how they are taking over your house. How fun to get a box full of crocheted squares. They're beautiful!

Happy Birthday, Emeline!

Your family is so beautiful...so full of joy and love! Happy Birthday Emeline! Look at all the squares...you're a force, grrl!!

Beautiful! Little girls, little squares, gifts, and goodbye photos.

Your posts are always so jam packed!

What a wonderful project. I found you through livejournal. I have 6 made for you and working on more.

Hey! What is that I see??? Minnesota Viking t-shirt! Down in Kansas?? Way to go!! WHOO WHoo whoo :o)

I'll bet you more than pass 2000 squares. I sent out an email to my church knitting group of about 12 ladies during the week telling them about the projecy and giving your blog address. Not only did everyone show up today ready to knit on squares, but a couple of them were almost finished their first squares and plan to knit more. One of the women forwarded my email to her larger group who meet at the Knit Wit in Olathe, Kansas . Many of them have expressed interest in knitting squares and someone already has completed 3 and has bought some nice wool for at least 6 more. Plus, they are going to advertise this cause through the shop and encourage people to knit squares. They're sending the squares to me for mailing by July 4th so I expect to send you at least a small box. Someone os already organizing a road trip for a group of us to drive down and join the seaming party. We can't wait to help! You're doing such a good thing - thanks!

I love shopping at Yarn Shop and More, they truly are the nicest people!

The squares are adding up so fast! You very much do need to set a higher goal, you will make it easily!

Do you know what the pattern for the grandmother's crocheted squares could be? They look lovely, and I would love to try them.
Thanks a huge lot, and congrats on your great work,

My goodness, all the squares are amazing!!!! I am so happy for you that this project is doing so well! Love the pics of all the kids, as usual!

Wow the squares are gorgeous and such an inspiration.
Happy Birthday Emmaline!!!!!


Oh gaw! A cellphone already? I'd have strung up Fry by now if she'd started the cellphone nag at that age. It's bad enough she's been whining for one for a year or two. A friend of hers has one, they're both 12ish, and Fry's been crazed for one. She's not getting one for a few years.

The wonderful thing about baby girls, they're happy with a plastic cellphone. Especially if it has candy in it. :)

I made mention of your project on the latest Lime & Violet podcast. So be prepared for more squares to come your way. The power of knitters on a mission cannot be stopped!

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