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June 26, 2007


Hey Laura...have a great day off! I just got home from Missouri yesterday from KC visiting my dad. The kids are home now..and all is good, but very HOT!!!! Hoping for some rain tonight to cool things down..

Take care :)

Oh, Laura. That is so precious! Dale is going to love this and I'll show him just as soon as he gets his lazy ass out of bed. Heh.
The connections we make through these here internets are amazing. Thanks for the video!

I missed you! I knew you must have been busy, but I started to worry a little bit. So, here I am checking on your first thing today. What a sweet video of your little grrls and I love the idea of making a book of the notes that come with the squares. I've got to get more knit up for you. I have yarn sitting out but can't seem to find my head the last few days.


Wow! That shawl is cool - can't wait to see it done.

*puts hands on hips* Well I for one missed your blog post yesterday lady.... but I suppose I can forgive ya in order for you to have clean windows :)
Emeline is quite the little dancer and Lila's "bye" is soooo cute :)
Great to see so many squares coming in!!!
You are cruising on that shawl girl, it will be done in no time!

Of course we missed your blog post yesterday! I love hearing about your life and your beautiful family. I know that the square project is taking up a lot of your life, but it's good to see that you're knitting again. :-)

Wow you are one busy lady! I still need to send you a second package with my two measly squares... Oh and I'm glad you posted about the needed seeming yarn... I will look around I am sure I have some I could send from my stash for this.

I had not seen Lynne's blog, so the treats were a "happy coincidence!" You pulled together a GREAT Northern Michigan vacation swap package. It said "Summer in Michigan" all the way, especially the yarn, which captured our sandy beaches and blue skies and water.

The shawl is really coming along quickly. I happen to like all colors and fibers spun together.

The note you quoted brought tears to my eyes. I had this moment of remembering...May 5th, early morning phone call from my sister..."I wanted to talk to you before you turn on the TV, or read the news on the Internet." WHY? "Well, Greensburg got hit by a tornado last night, sis." WHAT?!?! "It was hit hard. Right now, they're saying at least 75% of the town." (Of course, the % went up as the day went on.)

Yes, the people of Greensburg need those hugs.

Thanks again to all of you who are contributing to the afghans. I know the people there are going to be truly thankful.

The booklet idea is wonderful, too! You are really outdoing yourself!

Hey Laura

I posted you a package a few days ago, but forgot to write down my email&blog info. You'll have my email with this comment. Here's the blog: monkey-butter22.livejournal.com

Okay Laura, I couldn't possibly say no - the contest is extended through August 16. The new announcement will be posted on my blog tomorrow. You go girl! I think you'll get enough for 50 blankets.

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