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June 11, 2007


awww Laura that is soooo cool! The kids are just as adorable as the pictures and stories suggest. More movies more movies!!

So cute! And, thanks for the reminder--I need to add "blows nosers" to my grocery list. Love it!

That's adorable. Thank you SO much for sharing that. I loved hearing your voice and seeing the girls in action.

I love hearing YOUR voice! I think we have the same camera, grrlfriend. I'm counting the minutes!!!

Your girls are so cute! It was fun hearing your voice too!

That was fun!! Those little voices take me back to my toddler times.... I need to see if my camera can do that - need to read that manual!!

Yes! Yes! More! More! I just loved watching that video...the blow nosers was great!! And Lila Pearl's little "Bye!" at end! I had to play it a few times, it was so darned cute. Keep 'em coming, and have fun with the camera! You sure don't sound like a Michigander anymore, do you? :-))

Diaper butts!! Diaper butts!!

Alas, my poor ol' computer and my crummy connection won't let me do this. I'll check it next time I'm at the library, though, using their super-speed connection!

More!!!! (please)

Oh it is so wonderful to hear all of your voices!!
So sweet - a blow noser.
I love it when little people have their own words for things.

That was just too cute. Adorable little girls, I love the blow noser :D I love the way to you talk :)

Hahahaha "blow noser!" They are such hams. MORE MOVIES! Please. :D

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