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June 06, 2007


Hey Laura, with the "green thumb"! I bet it felt good to do something totally different today.

A surprise! WE all love surprises! Glad to hear that the squares are still at a favorable flow. :o)

Thank you for you explaining that you want to have enough squares for a minimum of twenty afghans. I will continue to knit squares until August first.

I've gotten lazy about taking care of our flower beds and it shows. Unlike you, I don't think we will live in this house forever, so next move I'm not going to put in so many beds. I'll check back for the surprise later today. What could it be????

That's awesome Laura! Just awesome.

I think you should set a new goal when the minimum is reached. It's fun and motivating to have a number to shoot for. (Although as of today, I'm only on square two!) Thank you so much for coordinating this wonderful project.

I can't wait to see the pics of the new squares.

Garden work is hard, but rewarding, for sure.

I'm going to pass along your blog address to a blog friend in TX who is working on the weight thing, too. I hope it will be an encouragement to her.

those pounds are just gonna fall off with all the things your going to be doing outside this summer!

What! Who's coming from Kansas City? :D Tell me I didn't promise something before checking my schedule... (very possible!) September is a busy month for me classwise, but it'll be fun to get a road trip together. There's even a few squares I've received over the years laying around here.

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