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July 06, 2007


awww Cheesey grins are the cutest! I love Lila's little crooked smile :)
Your shawl looks absolutely fantastic! And the striping in the yarn, was that intentional or did it just happen to turn out that way?? Beautiful!!!
What if there are people willing to get the yarn and needles, you could say ok we are all going to use this certain yarn that can be found here or you could do a special order for needles or yarn for that matter at michaels.
Have a great weekend!

Call me at the shop at 540-961-4462...if my employees try and filter the call and tell you I'm busy...pressure them to tell me immediately that the call is urgent. (I get alot of calls). I will help you with your project any way I can.

I have 3 plastic yarn needles right here. I prefer metal. So I am going to put them in an envelope and mail them to you. Also have you tried Brown Sheep yarn about a donation?
Loves Many Cloths.

You are SO amazing...look at the gorgeous completely handspun shawl! It's marvelous, just marvelous. And way to go to find people to help you seam. I hope she can get more people to help you. Lila and Emeline are the best eye candy anywhere! XXOXX

I will seam as much of my afghan together as possible before sending it out. Hopefully it will be a complete one.

i wouldn't mind sending a few yarn needles or a skein of seaming yarn with my box of squares if you needed it (and, from all the generosity i've seen around here, i'd venture to say that others would do the same). i'd love to be able to help you seam the blankets, but living in FL makes that pretty impractical!

Thinking while typing. Maybe put the word out at some retirement communities or "rest homes" in your area. I'll bet you could find some willing hands.

I think if you have a specific yarn you'd like to use, and you're ok with having a variety of colors in that yarn? People will send you a skein or three of the yarn you need. (I'm disappointed already in whichever yarn company you contacted.) Will you have space for all those seamers? I'm going to check our calendar and see if that weekend's open - I'd love to help, and if I can seam with a crochet hook, I'm the John Henry of assembly. :)

Love your shawl, too!

Is there another company you could contact? Or a few yarn stores that would make some donations of the same yarn? I bet your knitting group will have good ideas.

Maybe you could seam together one afghan on your own. That way you can estimate how much yarn you'll need and maybe how long it takes for the sewing process. You might even send squares home with people from your knitting circle so you can get a jump on seaming day. Sewing 40 afghans in one day sounds like a lot.

I'd love to send yarn to help out. Are you going to sew them together or crochet? What kind of yarn would you need for that. Any particular kind, such as wool or acrylics or cotton? Thickness?

I havent sent any squares, but am contemplating sending a baby blanket that's already been put together. And I could include some yarn to go with that same package.

Carola, Sweden

I'd be glad to send some yarn needles and seaming yarn especially since I can't be there for seaming day. If you post a wish-list I'm sure supporters of the project will take care of it. :-)

I have some plastic needles I can send, too, if you'd like. And I agree with Suzanne - if you post a wish-list, you'll get what you need! :)

Hmmmmm....now I am thinking there has to be a way that we can help you more.
Maybe simultaneously held seaming parties in different locations? And then seamers send the completed afghans to Greensburg or you directly?
Let me know whatever you need (the wish list is a good idea -- who the deuce wouldn't help? What a Grinch company - wish we knew so we could let them know how we feel about that, let them know with what they clearly value most Our Money -- as in not spending it with them anymore -- anyways, rant over....Now) and I will do my very best to send it on to you.

Do you have a date set yet for the seaming party? I'll come if I can! How about asking the high school or Butler Community College if the gym floor would be available? Do either have more than one gym? It would be great to spread them out and yet have plenty of seating room for people who don't want to work on the floor. Perhap everyone could bring either knee pads or kneeling foam pieces (like I use in my garden)to make it easier. If tables are available, long ones could be set side by side for each afghan and keep us up off the floor! With this awesome project and the number of people involved, it could become a media event as well! How about a flyer to every yarn store in the state...there aren't that many (unfortunately) but they have great connections!

One more thing - your eye candy girls are the sweetest things I can think of to see on Friday (or any other day) They're just beautiful!!


I'll be more than happy to throw in a couple of packets of plastic yarn needles and whatever seaming yarn you need with my squares when I ship them out. The wish list is a great idea - going by what I've read in comments during the project, I'm certain all the fine folks participating will make sure the seamers have whatever supplies they need!

You're absolutely inspirational - I'm glad to be a part of this! :)


Hi Laura,

I have been thinking about this and while I can knit 2-4 squares... I am not sure if this tiny ocntribution would help... I would be more than happy to send you yarn and darning needles if this would be of more help than the squares. you could also start a papal contribution kitty for this special cause and I would be happy to donate it to it you want to make the purchases... Another idea is to post a list of what you need and we can hit our LYS and mail these items out to you.

I'll keep reding or let me know what you would prefer.

I just wanted to let you know that the Angels at our The Angel Company seminar helped me gather the soap from their hotel rooms and other places they have been and gave them to me to send......just so I am not taking ALL the credit!! ;-)

I gave out the address for the church to many Angels, so hopefully you will be receiving more! And, several asked about your blog so that they could help crochet/knit.

Thanks for letting us help in such a small way!!!!

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