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July 28, 2007


You take the most BEAUTIFUL pictures! Always so colorful!

That's a very good list and sounds like you'll have a busy weekend.

hummm maybe you can give moose and I some tips on gardening, our failed miserably last year.
Have fun at the flea market, they are so much fun!!

You'll be eating fresh tomatoes from your own garden soon!

Your garden looks great! I always like seeing all your amazing photos.

Your garden is doing GREAT, and it's good to see your list of "life is good" things. Dang it, I think I *do* have squash vine borers. I hate them!

Hey SugarBunny - you got deleted from my Bloglines so long ago - but look, you are still blogging!! Wish my squash looked as healthy as yours.

I HAVE to know what kind of camera you use! I am in the market for a new on since the one I currently own drains the battery at an alarming rate and the pictures are that great...your pictures are always flawless! I'm sure it is the photgrapher that gets the credit (Pat yourself on the back)--but any camera suggestion would be greatly appreciated! I think I have your blog on "speed dial"--I love seeing what everyone is up too and oogling your latest projects. HOW do you find the time?!!!!

Hi Laura,
I am getting the package ready to go into the mail tomorrow. You will be receiving one twin size afghan, 8 seaming needles, 3 scarves and 3 pairs of socks. Thank you for allowing me to be part of this wonderful project. Growing up in ILL, I know the feeling of tornado's, thank heavens I nver experience one. Again I am honored to be part of this project and hopefully with G-d's will, will not need to be involved with another one.

Life Candy Friday.
That is awesome.
I love that category - I might just adopt that.

My WLC hasn't been going too well the last few weeks...

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