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July 31, 2007


Won't it be fun to rediscover your house once all the squares are gone? Who knows what you may find! Cute mitten and cuter model!

Holy Mackerel!!! All those squares!!!

And you MUST make the matching mitten -- it's so CUTE! (as is your model, heh)

Good Morning!! That is the cutest little mitten but I say you MUST make the second for your little model, she'll need them this winter :)
I knew you had squares but those massive bags really put it in perspective. Exactly how much seaming will I be doing??? :)
Is that mission falls for seaming??? YUMM!!! Love the blanket and cardigan set too cute!

Wow!!! You might want to start sorting and bagging squares now. It might take longer to do than you think.

Look at all those squares! No wonder you can think of little else. Love the garden picture...the dew on the leaf is fabulous. Love the kiddo pix, too! XOXO

ya gotta do the other mitten...bet your mitten model would love em

The mitten is adorable. I wish I could come take your class!

Great photos! And yes, you have to make another mitten! Those are SOOO cute!

The only thing cuter than that mitten is adorable Lila Pearl!
You're remarkable -- more gorgeous pictures. You have the artist's touch, girlfriend!

My goodness! Look at those squares etc.

I LOVE Lila Pearl's mitt - you have to make a pair for her. They suit her perfectly. Your first mitt no less. You are a natural talent.

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