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July 14, 2007


Hi Laura and family, I think this project is so wonderful, God bless you for doing such a good job esp. with all the things you have to do each day. I feel bad cause I have not started a square yet. We had a family matter that had just knocked us off our feet and we are trying to recover, I had lost my heart to knit. I am slowing recovering and hope to get some squares sent in before its too late. Thank you again you are a restorer of faith to everyone! Love Pam

I've sent in my first three squares, an am making more. I know I came to this late, so I'm sending on each 3, as I know they'll get there in time. My plan is to pop a packet of seaming needles into my next parcel.

I tell the story to everyone who asks me what I'm knitting, and they all think you're doing a wonderful thing.

This project is really not about the supplying families with afghans, its about letting them know we care. There's never anything wrong with that.

This project is to bring a little sunshine and a big hug to the people of Greensburg. To let them know that there is still people out there that think of more than themselves (like I think the one who made that comment must do)

Hi Laura, I just had to post again and say since last night (when I posted) I have knit 2 squares and I really enjoyed it. It was fun to knit again. Hope I can get more done, thanks for the inspiration. Also I hope the folks in Greensburg will feel the big group hug we are sending them! Love Pam

I am really sorry anyone would even consider writting something negative about charity knitting. A friend and I have a local knitting for charity project and think your endeavor is a great one.

I like to think that everyone in Greensburg had at least one handmade object that meant alot to them and with so much loss I feel they will be comforted with another handmade item that is made with love by people that care.

Do you have a preference to the yarn used to seam these all together? I have some stash I will be happy to go thru and send.

If you do not have enough sewers have you considered sending some out. I am sure my group will be happy to seam one and send it back to you. I will cover the postage to get the squares here and cover the seaming yarn if you think this is an option.

There are truly ignorant people in the world and we have to continue to show we are stronger than ignorance.

Keep up the good work.

I'm headed to Wichita and will drop off more squares at the Heritage Hut (LYS) as well as about 4 packs of needles since I've managed to clean out the shelves at HbyLby. Many blessing to you, your sweet husband and your beautiful girls!

Isn't it amazing that comments by a person we don't even know can have us questioning what we do - even when we know it is the right thing to do? The phenomenal success you have had gathering squares is a powerful reminder that God wants us to "do unto others" and that we know we are ALL our brothers's keepers. Ignore those remarks, Laura, and look at all the positive affirmations - How many hundreds of affirmations (squares) now? You are doing good and helping the rest of us do good, too. Blessings always...Debra

Negative comments hurt! Just remember what you and all your people who have donated is for a wonderful cause. We watch it in the news and we feel so helpless it gives people something for themselves and for the victims; a piece of comfort. Those who are expressing any negative thoughts will maybe one day need comforting and then maybe they will have a change of heart. Never, ever feel bad or guilty for wanting to help other people, it is great so manyof you have compassion.

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