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July 24, 2007


It must be nice to have the kids all under one roof again.

Yay for having your whole family back together again! That's got to be an amazing feeling.

Happy homecoming! I know you're glad to have everyone together again. No advice for the morning glory except to be patient. Surely it will bloom. We are working on getting rid of our morning glory vine. The blossoms are beautiful, but it's just too invasive.

Frig girl you have us so attached to those kids, I've got tears dripping down my face and they're coming home not going away lol What am I like!
The girls will be in their glory to have the big kids back! Yay for more squares!! And my goodness look at all that seaming yarn!! HOLY SMOKES!!!!
3 weeks a little bit :)

Wow, a trunk full of yarn. Knitters are so generous, as are their friends.

On the morning glories, see if you can find some fertilizer with a high middle number. You know how all those come with 3 numbers? Like a 10-8-4, or something like that? The first number is for plant growth, the second for fruit or flower, and the third is for roots. Or, just see if you can hunt down some phosphorus directly. Good luck, and see you on 9-16!

Aw.. the contest ends on the first? I figured that it would end the day the afghans get sewn together. Mine won't be sent until the 1st.


Wow, my blanket looks a whole lot nicer on your pic than it did on any of my own! LOL, glad the package arrived safely.

I will finish sewing up as much of the afghan as I can this week end and then what is done will go into the mail on Mon. I realize that I have come up about 7 squares short to complete it. Bummer, I thought that I was done sewing. I can't wait for you to see it.

Looking forward to helping seam up the squares!

Laura - I seem to be blocked about doing a block. I found the yarn that I used to seam Jef's blanket, and the yarn that I used for the borders. Then, I just cried.

I'm still hopeful that I can work my way through this little block-stoppage and get one to you. If not, I'm just going to send the yarn. It is so comforting to see the response that you've gotten.

P.S. - I loved the video. The kids are just delightful in their love for one another!


How wonderful that the 'big kids' are home. The house must have felt empty without them! -not that the squares aren't filling up a lot of space ;)

I've still got mine to send your way - late as usual, but what else is new about me. We've just got back from a little trip and I have next week off work and time to spend around home catching up on things like mail (I hope)

Take care and have a great time with the big kids and the little ones too!

So glad your big kids are home! The little ones must be thrilled!

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