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July 09, 2007


that baby is too cute! well done on the weight loss!

That sounds like the same VBS as the church across the street from us! They have added a really impressive split rail fence to the front yard complete with one of those arches and a sign with rope letters just like a ranch! I love looking at it. I'm pretty sure they can't get 250 kids in that church though. :D

I think those frozen meals are great for portion control. Looks like they did the trick this week.

Hey, your progress is better than mine has been! Funny thing - since my Boot Camp stopped and I've fallen back into my laziness, I feel so much worse! Duh. Keep at it girl, you're inspiring me!

I don't know anyone that doesn't need to be kinder to themselves. We all, and especially moms, tend to put everyone and everything ahead of ourselves. Is dusting really more important than carving out some knitting time? (Well, depends on the thickness of the dust, I guess.) Take care of yourself. Drinking more water always helps me.

Mine didn't get the candy until after they got off the pot and dressed again. Maybe that would help?

Nice talking to you on the phone yesterday! Weight loss...ugg...water...less food intake, more energy used, and sleep. Lots of sleep. We know all that but...with young children? Forget it.

Have fun with your VBS. Sounds like Avalanche Ranch and I was the Crafts person for the Preschool. We have a smallish group-85 kids total, 25 preschooler- because most of the classrooms in our church are used by a daycare center and are thus off limits during the week. We had a ball even though the weather was hot and humid. The main gathering commons was fully decorated. Instead of church office, pastor, etc. the signage went Mayor Mandy(our church sec.), Deputy "Pastor" Don (he is our pastor) and Sheriff Sandy (our Deacon). Love the music and the actions. Really gets the kids movin' for the Lord. It also wears them out so the on the way home my 2 grandkids (6 and 5) tended to fall asleep. In the weight loss area all I can say is just keep on trying. I have managed to lose 30 pounds and then with stress and mindless grazing put 5 back on. Now I am back trying again, as 225# and only 5'5" is not good. We'll just keep cheering each other on. as a lady I know would say, "I'm so proud of you."

I commenting on both posts here because I'm like, um WAY behind. Emeline is a krazy grrl who knows how to have a good time. I like that in her;-) The garden looks yummy.
You do keep a pace...very busy lady with so many irons in the fire. Good luck with the diet technique. I wish I could find something that worked for me. HUGS!

Oh, my goodness, Laura! That is the cutest picture of the baby I have ever seen!

omigosh! you garden, are a fiber artist, a midwestern gal, and use a lot of exclamation points! I almost named my daughter Em(m)eline! MY kids went to VBS! if only you swore a lot, people wouldn't be able to tell our blogs apart! lol. except you are still back in my homeland and I moved away to be perpetually homesick (and never shut up about it.)

thank you for your comment on my learning-to-crochet post. I can't wait to have time to read back and find out what you are going to do with all these squares. really, because I am having a design issue with my afghan project. best!

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