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July 19, 2007


I'm going to guess 3157.. but secretly hope that it's 3478. :-)

I'm going to say 2,892.

Is it bad of me to wait until Aug 1st to guess?

I am going to say 3183...

3360 is my number

I think 3218 squares :)

hahaha I knew you'd have me seaming :) Only you'll have to teach me how to do it properly cause I've never done it RIGHT before.
Ruth does look absolutely fantastic for her age!!! It soo wonderful that she's getting to help out with the project!
Can't wait to get my feet, and my wallet into Twist :)

My guess will be 2977 squares.

I think you will get 3,006

I'm so jealous that Wichita warrants a Harlot stop. My little town isn't even a blip on her tour. I'm guessing 3,430 squares.

I'm going to guess 2,999.

My guess is 2,729!

I am going to guess 6,500. Yes,6,500. Make sure you go see the Harlot-I would take a class on how to clean a toilet from her. Really. Love ya sweetie!

I'm guessing 3200 squares. More would be better though:~D

2782 total squares received by 8/15 is my guess! Hopefully more so you can get to 60 afghans insteaD OF 40. Oh and I have a box ready for yo with some lambs prided in charcoal and green and some darning needles. I believe these are the same as what you are calling yarn needles.

Good luck again It would be great if you surpassed all of your goals!

3583 squares. I'm knitting as fast as I can ;-)

I love the video of Ruth and the girls. I'm sure she looks forward to your visits and doesn't mind too much when the girls get curious.

My guess is 3001.

Hmmmm...4212 is my guess!!

My luck is looking up recently and I've seen the wonderful stuff you send out, so I'm going to give this a guess. 3421 is my guess.


I'm guessing 3000. A nice round number.

3149 I think will be close enough for a guess.

I'm going to guess 3207

3333 -- 'cause that's just fun. :)

My guess is 2901 - I just know they'll keep coming in!

I shall guess . . . 2,956. Because completely random is fun.

Ok...I think you will receive 3, 146 squares by the end.

I am so excited that you are getting to meet the Yarn Harlot!! What a thril! She is hilarious, friendly and totally awesome in person (not that she isn't all of those things on her blog...but you know what I mean). My Mom just dreamed that we were camping with her and she had to keep telling everyone to keep it down because the Yarn Harlot was sleeping in. How funny is that?

3500 squares...

I'm going to guess 2920. What a stack of squares you must have already!!

my guess 2888. cause all those 8's have got to be lucky!

I'll guess 2778 - you've already got so many!

3621 squares, do you think, I hope so. And I am new to this contest, so lets see if I can get some to you real quick

all right, I'm gonna guess 3250, but you'll probably get more

My guess is 3010. :)

My guess will be 3,487. Okay, that's it! :)

Bye Mommy!! I love you. xoxoxoxox That's it. Bye.

My guess is 3309! :)

I guess ..... 3777.

My guess is 3892! Just a wild guess.. but who knows.. ;)

My guess is 3892! Just a wild guess.. but who knows.. ;)

My guess will be 3482 :)

Hmmm...my guess is 3305, and I hope the weather cools off some before the seaming begins!

I think it will be 3645 :-) My friends & I will be sending our squares very soon!! Thanks for giving us a way to help the people in Greensburg!!

I am going to guess 4,1936. Lots of luck. Wish I lived closer to come and help you put them together. And I surely agree with you, people are so fantastically generous when they operate from their hearts!

I posted on the wrong one. Anyway I guess 3212.

Ok don't know if we are allowed to make more than one guess, but I am going to do it and if not just diregard this one.
my new guess will be 3376.

My guess is 3855.

i am going to guess 4500. it's high, but i'm optimistic! : )

I will say 3545 is my guess....

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