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July 20, 2007


This is some drop dead gorgeous Cranberry yarn! You did an amazing job on this:)

That is some beautiful yarn right there! And red isn' even my color! If I had the money I would be buying it!

oooooh....very pretty. is it sock yarn... cause if it is I might be convinced(even though I am not knitting that much right now:))

The yarn is gorgeous! And since I live in Cranberry Country up here in Southeastern Massachusetts, well, I think you should reconsider that bit about taking orders. Ahem.

What a beautiful skein girl!!
Fantastic job!
Yay for big kids coming home, i'm sure they are glad to be home too!

That is one of the most beautiful reds I have ever seen!!

It's a perfect match to the cranberries! I'm not surprised it sold so fast. Very pretty.

The yarn is gorgeous!!! I am planning on sending my squares within the next week...

That's the most beautiful yarn you've dyed. You must make more!

Pretty pretty. I love the color of food as well...the contrasts all on a plate.

Gorgeous,gorgeous cranberry yarn. Mmmmm...
Ummm, I am just wondering about the Soot yarn - is it in that queue you had mentioned a post or so ago?

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