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August 09, 2007


The Loksins look awesome in that yarn. Knit like the wind!

oh Laura, that pattern, that yarn PERFECT SOCKY BLISS!!!!
Your pal is going to FLIP!!!! GET KNITTING so we can see whats in that box! I don't know how you can stand the suspense!

I agree.. The waiting would kill me....

I wish you fast knitting. :) That Loksin is simply gorgeous...I can't believe you did it in just four days. Are the children starving? Is Jeff wondering where his wife is? Hope you get caught up on all your swap stuff before YOUR COMPANY comes. :) :) :)

Sock #1 is a knock-out - your pal won't mind the wait. Can't believe you aren't opening your package yet! The suspense would kill me.

I LOVE that sock! Can't wait to see what the sock in the box looks like;-)

The first sock is beautiful! I can't believe you finished it four days. I'm sure it would have taken me longer. Good look with #2.

Your Loskins sock is beautiful, and the yarn is perfect for it.

Hi! It's Elisabeth in Chicago. I hope you enjoy the socks when you open them. They have a little whimsy to them. The colorway is called Fruit Salad, by the way which I think was very appropriate for the yarn! I do have a blog, e-bethknits.blogspot.com, but I'll be posting a pic of your finished socks any day now (I'm a little behind with my picture posting), so you might not want to go there until after you open your packages.

Good luck finishing your socks! They are really beautiful and I love the color!

You have incredible will-power. No way I could do it!

Just dropped my last package to you in the mail. I'm so excited to see the final total!

Knit like the wind! Crank up your AC, grab a Mountain Dew, and go! I'm assuming your weather is similar to mine in Gardner (southwest of Kansas City), and we're expecting temps over 100 this weekend. Yay, and it's the county fair too.

LOVE the socks - I've got to go get that pattern!! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers for the big afghan stitch together!!

I really like the Loksins pattern!

I love theses socks!!! The color is perfect for the pattern!

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