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August 31, 2007


I'm still here.. still reading your blog. I can't help but feeling a bit sorry for you at the moment! You must be really stressed out, which is not good at all... Don't worry about food and people showing up. There will be people, and they are not there to eat and drink. They will be happy with what they get(if they are worried about being hungry, they should bring their own food). Most of them are probably knitters, and they are all amazed with the work you have put in this project!

I really wish I could be there and help out with the sewing.. To far away, though *lol*
I'll think of you all, and send some good vibes your way!!
Good luck!!

oh.. and IF 1 million people show up, devide them in groups and let them sew one hour each.. then send them home, and they won't need no food at all(if they life near by that is.. if they've travelled for 5 hours, they might need at least a cup of coffee).. ;)

I'm still here and reading and IN AWE of your hard work on the Afghan Project. Bless you for taking this on!

Oh my goodness, Laura....I just viewed the video, but don't have sound here at work. I'll have to have a listen when I get home. I think there are kudo's that have to go out to all of the people that responded to your request for squares, for your family who are so patiently living in a house filled to the brim with squares, and ESPECIALLY to you for organizing this huge undertaking for the people of Greesburg. I so wish I could fly down to Kansas in Sept to be one of the many helping hands that I'm sure you will have. I'll be thinking of you and all the 'seamers'. Take care!

OK, calm down and remember who you are dealing with!! This is knitters you are talking about. If there is no food, they will arrange for some on the fly, trust me I have seen it in action. You can probably count on every seamer to bring her own needle "just in case" and maybe some extra yarn too, cause I mean who goes anywhere without some extra yarn. I have yet to see knitters fail in a crisis. Plus I expect anything that happens at a seaming party will hardly qualify as a crisis! I will have to look on from a distance as the seaming party is the weekend of my 10th anniversary, and I think if I want more anniversaries, well, you get my drift, but I will wait from afar for good news and great party pics:-)

Grrlfriend, I think of you everyday and realize how busy with kids and afghans you must be...let alone everything else. If only we weren't so far apart!

You are amazing. Just reading your blog entry tires me out! What would be more helpful to you from a willing knitter who lives on the west coast - money or seaming yarn in the mail? I wish there was more I could do.

I'm here, just haven't been online much. I will be there with bells on, and three of my knitting group said they will come too. I also think there will be some ladies from Salina coming down too.

Dear, very dear, Laura - you just hang in there darlin'!!! You are in my thoughts and prayers daily and the task ahead of you will be just fine! And please, remember to breathe...if the squares aren't all finished in one day, there WILL be other days! And I quote from the above post..."remember who you are dealing with!! This is knitters you are talking about..." If we can't get it done in a day, we'll gather and knit another day! This project is going to work! Hug those gorgeous children of yours and your husband, too!

Hi there, me again....just listened (and viewed again) your video. Still so amazed at all that you're dealing with. So nice to here your voice - love the accent!

And in the midst of all that, your dad and I are descending on you. But we aren't staying long, and we promise to be low-maintenance. Very much looking forward to seeing all of you. Now...breathe...in...out....attagirl.

Hi, I'm back after my vacation and I am waaaaaay behind on my blog readings. Just wanted to say hi!

I'm so glad you posted. You sound a bit overwhelmed and I'm sorry about that. I wish I could be there to ease your burden a bit.

to quote a friend of mine..."spot on!" Knitters will always get it done!! My offer is still open for the 15th - send me whatever you want me to sew up. And if there's a second seaming day I'll do my best to be there!!

Oh my goodness, it is amazing how many squares you've gotten for the afghans :-) I really wish I lived closer and could help you sew them up.

Tell the knitters to bring food with them, then you won't have to worry about having enough food for them all :-)

I am counting the days till the party! I agree with the above comment, ask us to bring food. Maybe do an RSVP to get an idea? I'm bringing my friend Jill, who grew up in Greensburg and very much wants to help. And if you have squares left over, I'll take some of the packages home and seam them up and send them back. We're going to have a great time!
I remember the comment that someone made to me before my wedding: "Don't worry too much, because no matter how careful you are, something will go wrong but the wedding is going to happen anyway." She was so right, and when a couple of things went wrong, I remembered this advice, stopped worrying and the wedding did happen and it was great. The seaming party will happen and it will be great so let go of the worry!

I wish I could be at the seaming party, but life goes on. I will be happy to seam some and send them back, just let us know what is left over after the party. I know it will all work out, do not fret the small stuff, and remember everything is small stuff.

This project has been a huge success so far. I have no doubt it will continue this way until the end. It will work out somehow.

So glad you liked the cowl-I had fun knitting it. This is a wonderful project you thought up. I prayed for you and the folks in Greensburg as I knitted through the summer. I'm sure all will go well with the seaming. May the Lord bless you!

Cannot wait to read about the seaming day!

Oh lady - that is some list you have going on there. Don't you hate that? Where to even begin.

Thanks for the video - it is nice to have faces & voices to go with blog buddies.

Everyone should bring enough snack to share with a few people, and maybe a six pack of their favorite drink. If everyone shares, there'll be more than enough and a great variety.

I'll have to see if we can get a group together for the 15th. I don't see why not and I'd be willing to drive...

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