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August 13, 2007


Your stitch markers and socks are just beautiful! What yarn did you use?

I want to buy some of your sock yarn.. I love sock yarn...

I think my squares are lost somewhere in the mail. I sent two packages July 30., hopefully you will receive them before the big seaming event :) I know Norway is far away, and it's been summer, and the mailman might be on vacation, BUT it shouldn't be to hard to get the mail moving anyway, should it.. ;) Best wishes on the seaming!!

I loved that photo collage. Here's hoping you reach your weight loss goal!

Yay! That is awesome about your workouts and weight loss. That has to feel good! Right on.

I love the photo collage - so funny because I finally figured out Mosaic Maker and my post tomorrow is a collage too.

I'm happy that you have some squashes this year - yippee. I plant them each year...and each year the slugs feast. If only I had more time to spend in my backyard I might save more. Ah well. Priorities. I might need to invest in a laptop...

Cannot get over the mail you get! I bet you can't either - we would love a tour of your den...

What a face Miss Lila Pearl is making! Is that her wink? Too cute.

I'd say you deserve a salon appointment, lady! I hope they pamper you just as much as you deserve.

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