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August 03, 2007


Scrolling the pictures makes it almost like time lapse photography!

What lovely pictures, I love to see the evolution of the plant!

What lovely pictures, I love to see the evolution of the plant!

That's a wonderful story. I'm glad you saw the hull fall but I think it's trickier to catch that exact moment with kids. Ask me how I know. ;-)

What a lovely set of pictures!

That's a nice little tree. Did you grown any of those big sunflowers again this year with the red inside?

That is so sweet, and very fitting as my son starts sixth grade next week. New school (building), new itinerary with changing classrooms every hour, it's sure to be a year of new challenges and hopefully, new growth! Have a great weekend, girl!

Wow, the needles made a shape like a lamp or lantern - so beautiful. I also started seedlings recently, but was not fortunate enough to see the hull fall off.

Oh Laura, that left me all teary. What a beautiful, wonderful story and a perfect analogy.

Boy-do I love you! Have a great day.

It may seem sad to you today to imagine your kids grown and on their own, but when the time comes there is a satisfaction in knowing that you have prepared them well and your job is done. When the hull falls, focus on the beautiful plant that has emerged instead.

beautifully symbolic pics and post!

Those were incredible pictures, and great thoughts...

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