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September 18, 2007


You are such a remarkable woman. I am humbled and awed.

That was beautiful,, Thank you for having be part of this project,

Beautiful Laura! I am so sorry I couldn't be there. (I sent you an email today!)

Beautiful! Thanks for taking this on!

Wow. You are amazing.
Let me know if you need someone to seam some more for you. I can workout the shipping costs and stuff. Let me know!

What a great "thank you"! I'm so happy I could be there Saturday and just wish I could have sewn faster and put together more squares. I heard a rumor that you made the delicious soup. It was fantastic - would you share the recipe?

That's amazing, so very moving. You really are such an exceptional human being, and everyone who joined 'hands'...

Wow. Bravo. Awesome. You are such an inspiration.

What a beautiful video, so well done. I am moved not only by the time and the effort you put forth but the extreme love that is involved with this project. Let me know when you are ready to deal with the remaining squares. I willsend money for postage so you can send a blanket or two this way. You earned your wings in heaven with this project. God Bless you and everyone that participated in any way.

Fabulous. Breathtaking. Wow.


This is absolutely amazing and awe inspiring! God bless you, your family, and all those who took part in such a beautiful and special project!


I've been checking ten times a day to see how the seaming day went. Oh Laura, what an accomplishment. I know it took many hands to do this, but you were the force behind it. The video is as beautiful as the afghans themselves. Bravo!

I'm teared up !

Can't wait to get the rest of them done so everyone can have one. The love in just those 12 (? However many we got done!) is enough to move mountains.

The video was amazing, so well done! You coordinated a huge project and did an awesome job.

You should be proud of what you accomplished!
Unfortunately I was unable to make it to the seaming, but if you have more to do, please yell at me!

Laura baby,

I don't quite know how something can be heart-wrenching and heart-warming at the same time, but this is it. Thank you so very much for sharing all you accomplished and for allowing us all to feel as though we were there seaming with you.

You *do* know that your Father sees and knows and is blessed...

~Big hugs~

What a beautiful video, what a beautiful idea and what an extraordinarily beautiful founder and organizer!! Thank you for all you've done - please let me know what more I can do! I'll work something out to help with the rest. My job meant I couldn't make it last weekend - which meant I missed Harlot too! Please keep us posted! Hugs and more more hugs!

Carole and I were wondering how it all went! You really did such a wonderful thing and a great job of pulling it off. You are such a giving and caring person and I, for one, am so happy to call you friend. You rock, grrl!

Oh Laura,
Thank You so very much for making the video for us to see the results of the seaming party. It is fantastic
I have been checking your blog at least once daily for news about it. Thank you also for organizing this project and for allowing all of us to be a part of it.
Hugs to you !

You are so wonderful! I am so glad people came out to help you achieve this wonderful goal. A major achievement indeed:)

Absolutely wonderful Laura!!!

Thank you for the beautiful video. The blankets are just wonderful too. I hope this will help me to remember the people in America that have lost so much in recent days. Thank you and your great family and friends. God Bless, Love Pam

It was so good to see how the afghans put together. My children and I enjoyed seeing the video. Thank-you so much for organizing it. We were thinking of you here in Wales, UK on Saturday. I'm just sad that I live so far away, that I couldn't help you.

Thanks for posting this amazing video. It made me cry, but in a good way :) The afghans looks so good(!!!), you have all done a really great job!
Thank you, Laura, you're an amazing woman!! :)

Hugs, Bea

I was thinking of you on Saturday and wondering how it was going. You guys pieced together some beautiful afghans!

Thank you so very much for sharing the video with us. I see you were being videod yourself, could you share the link with the news station that did the story. I was thinking of you all day Saturday, and so envious of all that could be there. I would so be willing to join an afghan for you. Maybe we could work something out that I could get enough squares to do so, from you. Thank you again for getting us all going on this and doing such a wonderful job. I know it took a lot of your time and effort. By the way how many showed up, and how many did you all get done????????

I spoke to my local yarn shop. If you can send me enough to make three we will have a charity night and put them together for you. Let me know how much it is to send and I will put that amount into paypal for you.

Wow. Simply: Wow. Be proud, Laura; be very proud.

what a very moving video laura. you should be so proud of yourself for this project.
i so wish i could have been there to help seam up.
i was thinking that i could pay pal you some money and you could send me a blanket to seam up... if you still need help, just let me know!
i hope you're taking some well deserved resting time this week!

Laura - thanks so much for doing that; I feel almost as if I was there at the seaming, and it made me so proud to be a little part of the big results. Congratulations!

Beautiful! Well done!

what a fantastic video girl! What song was that??? I've never heard it before.
I was doing good, no crying till I saw Benny and Katie hard at work :) I love your kids!!!

Thanks for the great video!

Absolutely amazing. I might've teared up a little!

That's an amazing video, Laura. It was fantastic to meet you in Wichita on Sunday and be able to put a face with a name. Please send me the squares for a blanket so Mom and I can sew one up for you since we weren't able to make the seaming party. Email if you need my address.

Carin (and Vicki)

Oh, sweetie. Your video is wonderful. It gave me goosebumps and made me cry.

This project was amazing! The video was so touching and brought tears to my eyes.
God Bless all of those giving hands!
Judy W.
Salt Lake City

Wow. Wow. Thank you so much. If I can help with seaming more, please let me know. Somehow there has to be a way to get squares to TX. Thank you for the beautiful, beautiful video, and all your amazing work and love.

You brought me to tears - how amazing! Thank you!

Thank you for your commitment to this project! An incredible labour of love. Thanks for sharing with the beautiful video - nice to see for those of us who paricipated in a tiny way with a few squares. Good luck to you and the people of Greensburg. HUGS!

What a moving video and I feel truly blessed to have been able to be there and participate. Thank you for all you've done.

Thank you SO much for posting this amazing video, and thank you for your time and love to put all this together.

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