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October 12, 2007


I miss you! Love the little kimono!!

The little sweater is adorable. Enjoy your visit with your grandmother.

You picked my favorite piece from MDK - and I LOVE that book! I couldn't begin to count how many of those kimonos I have made - mostly from cotton yarn. I even made a matching set for twins! Dear, dear Laura, we may also be getting some additional publicity on the afghans. I set ours up for others at the college to come and sew. Now the information services department is sending out press releases to get some publicity for your project! How cool is that? We're looking forward to returning a beautiful blanket to your!

That is a gorgeous sweater. I love the little flowers you embroidered on it, they are so prefect for it!

how cute! Enjoy your visit!

Oh how I know of the guilt about using yarn for another purpose, only to find out that it was and is ok, especially since it was used to make my daughter a cardigan. I just felt guilt for using donated yarn for charity on her. I was told that it could be used for anything I had a use for not just charity. I still would never use it for profit though, but to give to someone special in my life or sepecial occasion, yes. I really do love the little Kimono........If she did not ooh and ahh over it then she was blind......

So sweet!

How adorable!! I love the flowers! Mission Falls Wool is one of my favorite yarns to knit with, especially for kids stuff. Their colors are great too!

The embroidery is so sweet, Laura! It makes it even more heartbreakingly cute!

That kimono is absolutely precious! I'm sure the mom-to-be loved it!

Love this pattern! And yours is darling! And you can buy 1824 Wool at Yarn Barn in Lawrence --

Very, very sweet!

So cute! I love the embroidered flowers - what a great touch. The I-cord looks perfect. I used ribbon on my HBC Kimono, but I like your I-cord much better.

Hmmmm....now I want to try this yarn. Something to add to my mental checklist of future stash investing.

Have a great weekend.

oh - I have the same conversation in my head at showers even if I don't hand make the item!

Such a lovely sweater. What a lucky baby!

And, I know someone who has a birthday coming up...and your present is almost done :)

You're right! It is heartbreakingly cute! You always do such great work.

That IS heartbreakingly cute!!!! Well done.

I've been looking at that adorable kimono for several weeks now in MDK. Now I'm going to have to add it to my ever expanding list! Great job (love the flowers...) I understand the plight of knits for those not knit-conscious. I have tons of ideas I would love to gift to family for Christmas, but doubt they would appreciate. Poke fun is more like it! :(

I'm sure she loved it--I know the baby will!

Oooooh, what a sweet baby wrap! I need to buy that book...

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