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October 26, 2007


Thank you, thank you...it was so much fun to see your family again;-)
Looks like Benny had a wonderful day!

Happy Birthday, Benny! You have your hands full with 4 little sisters! I love how enthusiastic Emeline was about singing and blowing out the candles!

What a sweet trip down memory lane you must have had putting this together, Laura. Happy Birthday, Benny. You have a fabulous mom!

Happy Birthday to Benny!

Happy Birthday Benny! Hope it was a good one!

Happy Birthday Benny! I hope you had a fun one.

Sweet 16 Happy Birthday Benny, I love the video.I hope you have a 100 more just like it. What a wonderful family! God Bless,Love Pam

I was wondering when pumpkin cookie making was coming!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BENNY!!!! hope you had a great day!!!
Love Kelly and Moose

Happy Birthday to Benny! Did he go get his drivers license right away?

Happy Birthday Benny!!

Fabulous Video!!!

Happy Birthday, Benny!

Way to make me teary eyed at work, Laura!!

Hope Benny had a wonderful birthday! Mom and Grandma loved being able to see you all and said they were so impressed with what a wonderful young man Benny has become :)

Sniff, sniff...what a beautiful tribute to a handsome young man. God Bless!

Happy Birthday Benny!! Happy Birthday Laura!!!

Happy birthday, Laura!!

Hey you! Come out, come out where ever you are and celebrate your birthday with us! XOXO

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! It's okay for you to come out from behind afghan mountain and spend a little time with us. We miss you! ;-)

First the good stuff: HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I think you should come up to Boston and party with me :-)

omg. I have had those sewn up sitting on my living room floor for 2 freaking weeks. i suck. I sent them at my lunch break today. I am so sorry :-/

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