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October 05, 2007


packet 31 and 32 or whatever is available, let me know how to pay you.

Sorry to hear about Emmeline! How long does she have to wear her 'vest'?
hmm...I really miss Braum's ice cream. I've got to visit Kansas soon...

Looks like people have offered for 31 and 32 so I will take 30. I am so glad I can still be a part of this project! btw - my squares are still here too - how about if I make a baby size blanket or something and send it back with the other afghan? I'm a terrible, terrible procrastinator.

BUT thanks to you I am back at FLYlady so...starting to get that beast under control again.

Sorry to hear about Emmeline and I was wondering what a Braum's chaser was until I read the other comment. :-D

Sorry to hear about Emmeline. I hope she'll feel better soon!

Seaming squares might not be the right thing for me to do right now(and the mail takes far to long to reach here).. But if you need more squares to finish up the last afghan(s), or maybe you are one or two short when it comes to pink(or any other colour) let me know! I'll only need to know the prefered colour and size, and it'll be on it's way! :)

Have a nice weekend!! :D
Hugs, Bea

Hey girl!
Poor miss Emeline!! Hope she heals up soon!!
So glad to here Suzanna's still going strong with the flute. I can't believe Benny's playing two teams, he's crrrrrazy!! Tell him TUNA TUNA TUNA :)
Hugs for everyone!!!
p.s. glad to here about your teaching choice! you'll be much happier :)

You have so much going on, it's a wonder you have time to knit at all. Hope Emeline heals soon. Sounds like it's going to be a challenge to keep her wearing the vest.

Poor Emeline and Poor Jeff! Hopefully he is not being too hard on himself. Looks like all teh afghans are spoken for. Darn! Hang tough and much love to you.

I definitely understand about the Michael's teaching gig. I did that and at the YMCA for a while. A lot of prep time and cost of supplies and *maybe* someone would sign up. Supposed to sign up ahead of time and I would check an hour or two before. Noone. And then I'd get a call. Why aren't you here, there's someone in the classroom waiting for you. Or age/experience requirements that were routinely waived. How can I teach a cable class when some don't even know how to do the knit stich? Definitely took the fun out of it. Now I just knit what I want to knit when I want to knit it!

On the fracture front, my younger son recently broke his leg. Couple of days to get it diagnosed and then he landed in an air cast and on crutches. That worked for all of about 2 minutes. Not supposed to put weight on it and there he is walking, carrying parts of his loft bed! (We were taking it out of his room since he didn't used it even before the cast, certainly couldn't climb into it now!) I yelled on a regular basis.
Even tho he didn't follow doctor's orders, he ended up out of the cast much earlier than they had originally predicted and is even back to playing football!! Just remember, this too will pass....
I'll be thinking of all of you...

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