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November 27, 2007


I'm always so happy when you post. You will post again after the doctor's appointment, right? Prayers.

What a lovely scarf for YOU Laura - and such a great way to remember a lovely trip & yarn shop discovery. :) I've been seeing that pattern more & more - might just have to give it a try.

That scarf is beautiful! I'm adding it to my Ravelry queue immediately.

I love it! I've already made a star stitch scarf and it was HARD on my hands, so I'll just adore yours. I have two skeins of the same yarn, same colorway that needs to be knit up. Someday. :o)

btw - you look good! Have you been working out?

Whoa skinny girl you look amazing!
Your daughter is so cute, I totally fell asleep that way every night 'til I was 17 (and sometimes in college too)

I'm a fervent believer in prophylactic worrying. If I worry my head off ahead of time, it NEVER turns out to be something to worry about. It's just the things it never occurred to me to worry about that sneak up and bite. So I will take on the worry burden for you....I'll worry about you until you post that the little lump is insignificant.

I love that scarf. I noticed it when you posted it to Flickr today. So glad you let us know which pattern you used. I must knit one as a present!

Thinking about you & will say a prayer for you. Please let us know what the doctor says.

(((hugs 'n prayers)) Try not to worry! Let us do it for you! Please post an update after your MD visit...

Ooooooh!Pretty scarf.

4520 posts!!!! You've got some reading to do, or you can just clear the slate and start over.

Lots of prayers coming your way, and don't worry. Like Kate said, we'll worry for you !!

Sending good thoughts your way!!

What a cute picture of Lila Pearl and her buddy Winnie the Pooh, lulled to sleep by good ol' Dr. Seuss.

Prayers heading in your direction!

That scarf is a perfect match for the yarn -- lovely.

Good to see that Pooh was reading, too, before his nap.

Oh, and if you haven't used Mission Falls 1824 before, definitely swatch and wash the swatch; mine grew a lot and I had to go down a needle size.

I'll be thinking about you and hoping for good news when you post again.

I love the pattern! It looks like stars to me - either way. Lovely.

I will certainly be thinking of you, wishing and hoping and praying it is benign or nothing at all.

Give that little reader a big squeeze! (and get some outlet covers -- I see uncovered outlets everywhere with a jolt of fear--it's my job{ha no pun intended with the 'jolt'})

Prayers, good thoughts, good vibes and a whole lotta love coming your way! I'll be thinking about you all day.
The scarf is perfect!

Please post again after the doctor's visit. I will not rest until we know what is going on. Will think of you all the time. Love your blog and your family photos. Best wishes Alida, East London, South Africa

I'm ready to go back to Gove. Maybe next time we'll go together. The scarf is gorgeous! Great stitch pattern to use with that yarn. Saying a prayer that the doctor visit will go well and you'll get news soon on what the "something" is. The picture of Lila Pearl with her book and Pooh bear makes me smile!

Hey you. Thinking good thoughts for you.
The sleeping book pic is pretty darned cute. Made me smile. :o)
Happy belated birthday to you!

Had a lump in the same area in college...turned out to be a swollen gland or blocked something or other. I wish a similar annoying, benign thing for you.

Love the scarf, love the Lila photo, I love hearing about your adventures. :)

Laura, prayers for your doctor's visit, keep us posted. Love the scarf and always enjoy reading your blog and seeing pictures of your lovely family.

Laura as usual your knitting and children are great. Will be thinking of you tomorrow as you go to the doctors. Prayers go without saying and my fingers are crossed for you. hope all goes well xx

Echoing hugs and prayers for you Laura - please keep us posted (okay, pun intended). Your scarf is beautiful and your children are precious as always!

Sending lots of love and prayers.

Prayers are being sent from Michigan....Please let us know how the appointment went........The afghans will find their rightful homes when the time is right.
Take care and enjoy the angels...


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