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January 08, 2008


What perfect timing for your letter A! Happy Birthday to Arin!

It's good to be the fun aunt!

Perfect for your first alphabet post!

Your sister is beautiful - and from your description she has a beauty that is more important and of a lasting quality. I know you are going to enjoy her visit - and so are all your little people (and those not so little - sorry teens!).

ohhhh today is my dad's bday too :)
Happy Birthday Arin!

Happy birthday to Arin - a beautiful sister to a beautiful sister! Here's hoping you have another great visit! The scarf is gorgeous too!

You describe Arin perfectly, Laura. Of course, the same adjectives apply to you also, you know. I feel lucky to know both of you. Jason and Josh are no slouches either. :)

happy b-day aunt arin! And MOM i really think you should give that scarf to aunt arin this time. and her preasent for this time. well i luv u mom and good nite bu-bi.

ur daughter


Happy 31st Arin..... Today is my 30th :-)

Sisters are the best!

What TWO lucky sisters to have each other!

What a sweet tribute. I'm fortunate enough to have three wonderful older sisters. They are such a blessing to me.

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