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January 17, 2008


go girl go.
you went to the good ole oil museum huh, did you see the REAL maniquin cowboy there??

Your yarn is wonderful. I knew you'd take to the spinning wheel right away.

Fabulous! You've been a star spinner from the beginning! Have a super good time with your sis.

I'm a little in love with my spinning wheel. I've been spinning since, um, yesterday. Yes, yesterday was my first time. I think I want to marry it, except I'm married already. I don't know if I'll ever pick up my spindle again. I just really love the wheel.

Mine is a Fricke S-160 DT. It looks very similar to the Louet S-10, from what I've seen. Love!

Cotton Candy! Why am I not surprised that you seem to be a natural with the spinning wheel?

Wow, it's been years since I was at the museum. Do they still have the steam carousel? The yarn looks delicious, btw :)

Beautiful, beautiful. Now to knit something with it. Have you anything in mind?

Have a wonderful weekend! Your yarn is beautiful, I have spindles but fear the wheel...fear that I'll love it so much that I won't have time to knit! GRINS!

Enjoy your family, my friend!

Your yarn looks fabulous!!

A Kromski Sonata is also a possibility. The drive band pops off easy, peasy; it's a folding wheel; and it's really REALLY pretty. A lot prettier than the S10.

Look into them! I love mine.

I learned to spin on a wheel. Since then, I've tried to use a spindle because of it's portability, but I always go back to the wheel. It's so much faster and easier for me.

You are so funny! I am not at all surprised at how quickly you have succumbed to the wheel!

As for your business, of course you will make a wonderful go of it. I am finding that my family trumps the business every time or else I would actually be making a living selling yarn and fiber. But it's getting easier all the time.

Best of luck. Your spinning looks fantastic. (But please be sure to charge enough! Handspun is so labor-intensive!!!)

Oh my gosh! I'm surprised you don't already have a tax id number and everything! I'd say it's not tough, but my former IRS agent husband set mine up for me. I'll ask him for resources, especially for Kansas, and email you. :)

That spinning wheel bug bites HARD, doesn't it? Pretty yarn!

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