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January 06, 2008


Very nice sweater!

What wonderful firsts!

No...don't make a new one - it needs to pass down through all of the kids. :)

p.s. I just knit up the Soot yarn this weekend - lovely - just posted to the blog.

That's a great sweater and I think it's wonderful that all your children have worn it.

I love that sweater! And the color matches the wagon perfectly. There is a request over here for a sweater with a zipper, which will be a first for me! Yikes. The girls are beautiful as always.

Emeline's sweater was the 1st thing I noticed in the picture! Ok, well after her beautiful smile. :-)

What an ambitious mama you were - increasing, decreasing, cables AND a zipper! And the sweater looks pretty fantastic on the 3rd child no less. (assuming Benny didn't wear it)

It's so nice to see your little ones! They're always delightful to read about.

btw - sometimes 1st marriages are overrated ;-)
actually over the summer I heard a girl refer to her husband of 5 months as her first husband.
Doesn't sound hopeful does it?

OOh - what a fab sweater. Love the color and the smiles. Great job.

all your snows gone :(
Love the sweater, the red is a great colour on miss E.

Great pics, story and lovely story of a first wagon!

Red Heart doesn't get much glory, but I think it's a great yarn. Not as nice to work with as wool, of course, but it's a workhorse. Look how well, it's held up all these years! I just don't think you can wear it out. Love this sweater!

That's a great first sweater! It's so nice to see you back here in Blogland.

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