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January 07, 2008


I'm right here with you, babe.

I also started a weight loss challenge for myself today. My starting weight is 235.5 lb and I hope to lose 52 lb. by the end of the year.
I'm a Y member but have only been there once since last summer. Tomorrow I plan on going to the Y for the 9 am aquafit class. If I try to talk myself out of going I will picture you at the Y, exercising while a lot of people are still in bed !

I'm 55 years old and diabetic. I HAVE to reduce my weight but find it so difficult. I'm a binge eater and I know that I have to address that if I want to succeed.

Best of luck to BOTH of us.

These were 2 websites I found that had lots of tools to help track actual calories in foods I prepared and portions I ate, and in activities I was following. I used them as tools for about 7-8 months for educational purposes. Maybe you will find them useful.



Positive thoughts your way.

Let's get going. I love this!
Thanks for the calorie calculating tips. I am going to go with 2775 cal per day --- now I just have to figure out tonight what that looks like menu-wise.

I'm in this with you. My brother is getting married May 10th! I know I won't be down much more than 40 if I work my butt off, but even that would be wonderful.

Thank you for the inspiration.

Good luck! You have a really well thought out plan, and that is a huge part of it. I have no "official" training, but I did work in a weight loss clinic for a brief time. If you have any questions, I'd be happy to try and help you!

Best of luck to you, Laura! I'm some above you in weight and have just started another serious workout on it again. Husband is also working on it this time so that will help. We just bought a Bowflex and I've got a glider that I love. I didn't get heavy until after my kids - I wore a size 7 when we got married 30 years ago and now I'm in a 20. I'd like to get down to a 12. I'm pretty determined and will be following your blog faithfully! My friend, we're going to make it this time!

Oh, Laura, you're so inspiring! Just before Thanksgiving my doctor gave me 6 months, give or take, to lose weight, and in turn, lower my cholesterol. I told him I wanted to lose about 60 pounds, and he said he'd be happy with that. I did pretty good for awhile, lost about 10 pounds, but then between the ice storm we had here, power outages, my company moving (and being homeless for 3 weeks) during all of that, plus the holidays, I know I've gained instead of losing. I haven't stepped back on the scales to see where I am now, but I've GOT to get back on track. Your post is just the inspiration I need!

A great goal for the new year. Good luck - I'm rooting for you. :)

Your plan sounds good. The only thing I wonder about is losing 10 pounds a month. It's been my experience that losing 1 pound a week on average is about right. Of course, it may come off faster than that for you, especially in the beginning, but don't be discouraged if you can't lose your goal each month...as long as you're losing and not gaining. Wishing you willpower, determination and above all, success!

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I'm behind on your blog and read this post while having my afternoon snack at work: 9 Golden Oreos. Yummy. Your calorie and food information is wonderful, but I am NOT going to tell you that you are inspiring me. :)

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