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February 13, 2008


I absolutely adore those green buttons. I think it's perfectly appropriate to find your inspiration that way.

Isn't it fun to have the right button on hand? I'd love to raid your button box;-)

Love all the buttons--isn't it great to have an eclectic collection, rather than just the same-old, same-old generic buttons that everyone has?

And the inspired choice at the bottom? Yep, truly inspired. Love it!

Buttons can make a garment special. You chose some pretty ones for your sweater. Nice sentimental collection too. Do you still keep them in the mayonnaise jar?

I think the white one is a sheep. And I am pretty sure the new green ones are candy, so don't get your sweater wet!

ohhh I love buttons, especially those green ones.
My mum has jars and jars of old buttons, I love to look at them all!

Found your blog thru the comments at Harlot's blog.

Some nice looking buttons! Hope they didn't end up in the trash!

Some of the buttons in my (late) mom's bin had little pieces of cloth still attached from when she clipped them from my brothers shirts. But no little rusty safety pins though!

My buttons go in my mom's glass milk bottle collectin. And an old Mason jar that has a blueish tint.

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