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February 01, 2008


Holy Moses!!!!! That is (was?) a beautiful sweater. The color work balances out really nicely. Because you are a good and kind woman, I know that Lila Pearl still walks the earth but holy moley! my blood pressure shot through the roof just reading that!

Oh Lila Pearl! It sure is a pretty sweater, Laura...you can fix it!

OOOOOOOOO I am hoping you are de-stressed. And that you are able to fix the cut with little-to-no trouble. Zoiks!

My jaw dropped. Please excuse me while I retrieve my fillings from the keyboard....

Unbelievable! That sweater is gorgeous! Can you rescue it? Good luck

Don't you just love those moments good thing she is very cute.

I can't help but laugh but I know its not funny, more of a nervous laugh. I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE CUT THE SWEATER!!!!!Can you save it?????
Fingers crossed you can girl!

Oh the horror! I hope by now you've fixed it.

Is Lila Pearl still alive?

Life presents us many opportunities to learn in many different forms. Of course, I can say that easy enough sitting where I am sitting. Patience with the baby. They are gifts.

oh laura - how terrible! i second the, "good thing she's so cute," comment. i hope you can fix it, because then we can all laugh.

Hi Laura, have been waiting for days for you to post......... now this, so sorry about the sweater, it is so pretty, but Lila is prettier! There is some way to fix holes in knits. I remember reading about it somewhere. Hope you can fix it. Give Lila a kiss. :) Pam

Your little steeker! Good luck - I know you can fix it!

I hope the sweater can be fixed. You did such a good job on it! Congratulations on your weight loss. In my book, a pound a week is good progress and you've more than outdone that.

Oh, Yikes!!! It's such a pretty sweater, I hope you can save it! I remember someone posting on their blog about fixing holes, maybe the Yarn Harlot? I remember it was sort of like Kitchner stitching the area together. Or maybe duplicating stitching over all the stitches in that spot? Maybe I dreamed it... Please post about how you fix this! As a mother of two young and very curious ones, I'm surprised this hasn't happened to me yet.

I love the colorwork sections - they look so professional!

Lila Pearl. Well, it's probably something she will never do again.

I feel ill for you. But...far better than if she had cut herself. Right? Or her sister.

Eegads. You will have to let us know how you repair the hole.
I am really thinking about you!

Oh Laura, God bless you, your nerves and your daughters! The sweater is beautiful and hopefully repairable! Be sure to write this in her baby book so she can appreciate your control in adulthood. Blessings, my friend...and patience! You're doing an awesome job!

Uh oh! (as my littlest likes to say...)

Maybe she's practicing her steeking. How about a v-neck sweater?

Holy - S-H-*-T!!! I hope you made a full recovery. I hate it when that happens.

A cardigan it is!!! Now you can teach steeks!

This was a lovely post right up until the end. What a great sweater and great colors!

Now you get to test your repair skills. (Looking for the silver lining here...)

Oh Laura, that is just the sweetest little sweater! Good for you!

I was hoping to hear some word about the Greensburg afghans. Could you give us an update?

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