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February 14, 2008


Look how cute your grrls are in their red dresses! Your sweetie did show real love by digging through glass to find your buttons...who, in deed, needs a 'day' to show love. We are fortunate to have it everyday.
You make my day, grrlfriend and I'm so happy to have found you here in Blogland. You leave the best comments and it's always a good day when you post.

So I am an emotional mess today (has nothing to do with Valentines) and now you made me cry. What a sweetheart, so now the question is what are you keeping them in now (or did I miss that detail in my teary reading)?

I hope he didn't cut his fingers rescuing the buttons! That truly is love. And thank you for saying such kind things about me!!! Your pictures of Emeline and Lila make me miss my sister. My biological sister and ALL my BLOG SISTERS!!! Happy Valentine's Day!

Awww, sweetie, that's about the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me. And I love being connected to Margene in your head. Your girls look adorable on valentine's day. Hugs.

Happiness is a lollipop in your cheek.

I love having you as an "imaginary" friend/sister/kindredspirit! You're right - the buttons make a great Valentine story.

Thank you for your kind words (blush). And I agree that Emily is IT. Waiting for the first baby is like NO OTHER FEELING. You are wonderful- those little girls are SO beautiful. Much love- KT

Oh - this is a lovely post!
What a good man to get you back some of your irreplacable buttons.

I also like when there are still threads attached - or even a teeny square of the fabric. I have buttons of my Nana's like that. When I was so little sometimes we would spill out the container (ours was a pretty, pretty tin) of buttons and sort through them - that was with my Mom. We did a similar thing at my Nana's too.

Love the pic of your girls!

Thanks for showing us the sweater all fixed up.

I'm honored by your kind words. You know how to make my day!

Many of the bloggers you listed are new to me. I'll be back later to check out their blogs. I know if you like them, I will too.

Too bad about the jar. Of course Jeff would go through the trash and pick out the buttons. How could you doubt it? You better go through the vacuum cleaner bag now before you forget.

Awwww how wonderful is that Jeff!
Happy Valentine's day!!!

What a wonderful story! That is true love! Thanks for the award and the wonderful words. The award goes right back to you...your posts (and your comments) always make my day!

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