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March 18, 2008


I love Daddy. :-)

Dad's are always so practical, aren't they?

I love your response, though. YOu did find the silver lining in that turd! When I see pictures of your darlings growing up, I really do miss having little kids around, even with the poopy floors.

God bless,

Close, but not quite there. I never enjoyed the potty training phase of parenting.

Ha, ha, ha!! Daddy can't blink either!

Fast is the word for Lila! :)

the practical dad comment, always need one of those... my mum always said that those "special" moments, in her mind, were to be saved to re-tell when the child is a teenager, preferably in the privacy of the family, but then there were those extra special moments that she felt needed to be shared with a boyfriend or girlfriend once said bf or gf had gotten to know the family well enough... that and the nude baby/toddler photos. I think her best tool to keep the teenage hordes of us in line was embarrassment, it worked every time...

Now this gave me a smile today.....

I'm sorry, but I laughed at Dad's comment. Just like a man!

lol ahhh if only it had happened to Jeff first hehehe priceless!

While his wife was away, my brother-in-law once drove over an hour to have his mother change his baby's diarrhea diaper rather than do it himself. How is it that men run the world?

Oh, I so remember those days and celebrating such (erm) achievements!

Daddy has the right idea. heeheehee

Oh my goodness! My friend's daughter did this for a few months - it just about drove her and her husband crazy. It did stop, eventually.

The look on the dog's face (the one time I was there to see it) = priceless.
It was akin to your description of Emeline's reaction.

Thanks for the smile!

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