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March 14, 2008


I've missed you. Look at your car full of afghans! It must have been a very special day for you all.

I can't believe you made tags to go on each afghan. I wouldn't have thought of that.. It's such a nice thing to do!! The picture of Greensburg still makes me cry. Still can't imagine how people can go back there to live, and see this every day..

Well, at least now some of them have afghans, thanks to you!! You've done a really great job!! Thanks for sharing the pictures :)


What a wonderful thing to do!

What a wonderful pile of afghans!

Wow - 50 afghans. That's amazing. Congrats on such a great job. You are truly an inspiration.

I love the picture of the kids in the car with the afghans. And the one of the little girl with her new hat and mittens.

how thoughtful of you to have undertaken such a project and do such a wonderful job. you are a great example to your kids.

I can't even say thank you enough! I e-mailed a friend who lives in Greensburg, to tell her about the afghan delivery. She said she has been so amazed and so thankful for all the ways everyone is helping them.

I perused pictures again, today, and found a photo of the hair salon (E-Clips) where I used to get my hair done. Wow. It still sobers me. We are going to try to go home sometime this summer. I am trying to brace myself for what I will see...

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