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April 11, 2008


Your grrls are so cute!
Your spinning is breathtaking, especially the pink (of course). It's very cold here today, too. Our sunny weekend should be heading your way soon.

new leaf.... purrrrrrrrrrrrr purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!
Love it!!! I like the new look in the LR :)

Your girls are just the prettiest girls on earth!

Your yarn is cute, too! ;-)

Love the green roving. And your sunny handspun is gorgeous.

Beautiful spinning! I'm not even up to attempting sock yarn yet. Sounds like good things are happening and about to happen...I'll be waiting for the secrets to be revealed.

I like the picture of you knitting. Your girls are adorable.

I love the colors of your house...and the built in book shelves...awesome. Way to go on the handspun sock yarn! It's beautiful!

Love the New Leaf! But your girls steal the blog!!
They are so adorable - what great pictures for them to have later and see how close they were when so small.

I love your built in book shelf too! And your house colours - I am sure it is busy etc. but your home looks relaxing and welcoming.

Emeline's pictures are wonderful - isn't it amazing to see from her perspective?

What a comfy knitting chair you have! (I'm all about furniture these days). Love the built-in bookshelf too. Our homes have the same color pallete! Your handspun is GORGEOUS!

Oooh, your yarn is gorgeous! I hope I can spin that well someday :)
And New Leaf is such a great colourway - so springy and cheerful.

Look at that little one watching big sister... love it.

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