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May 13, 2008


go suzannah!!
You definately passed the crafty genes on to her :)

What a great mother's day gift for you!

How sweet! How wonderful for you both. Spinning is something you'll share with her all your life.

What wonderful photos.

Yay Suzannah!! I can't wait for my pink ribbon socks kit!!

That is so awesome! I love her first yarn! hee - one by one, we will conquer the world!

P.S. You'd better send her with a LOT of wool - you know how quickly it goes when you're first starting out!

Amazing. You never know when the bug will bite.

That's awesome!! You are such a wonderful mom. :)

Long ago, Jerry's Kids were sometimes referred to as "spinners", to describe the way they danced at the concerts. ;D

Oh, Suzannah, I'm so proud of you (yes, you can sing it to the tune if you want)
Yippee!! How fun for you! Peggy Sue ><>

Congratulations on bringing another one over to our side! Now you'll know what to get her for gifts.

Pretty girl, pretty pictures.

What a wonderful skill to share together - she'll need her own wheel now! With those beautiful eyes, she's fit for a fairy tale and now she can spin her way out of trouble! Blessings to you both!

What a great pic of those great big beautiful eyes. More pink ribbon sock pics? Can't wait to get the kit, they're so purty and the yarn too.

Give her a hug for me!

That's awesome! Spinning is so much fun -- and I've yet to try our wheel. We have to have a custom made piece created before it will work. Sigh.
But I digress...

Yarn sniffing is irresistable - great pic! Kira is really into yarn sniffing - you should see her go wild in the LYS.

yeah! for yarn sniffers!

You are a good teacher! Suzannah's yarn is beautiul.

Isn't it wonderful when one of our children relate to one of our interests. I hope all is well on your end.

What lovely pictures! Your so lucky to have so many girls! I don't think I would want my boys putting yarn so close to their grubby faces...and my daughter to busy sniffing horses...

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