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August 04, 2008


It's so nice to hear from you during this busy summer. The pink yarn is fabulous. What a wonderful kit you made!

Seems your temperatures are hotter than ours have been. And we have also been blessed with a good amount of rain -- sorely needed. Of course the weeds are totally out of hand. I'll need to go and check out that pattern on Ravelry. My queue is only ten pages, what's another pattern or two added to it? ;-)

I like your market bag. Nice!

I want to compliment you on the market bag directions. They are very clear an easy to follow. Please write more patterns (or rewrite a few of mine that I already have)

I love your Pink Ribbon Socks. Unfortunately, I don't know what "magic loop knitting" is and I don't know how to knit socks with circulars. Are there directions in the pattern for dpn's?


slacker I see

Get back here and talk to us. I miss you!

And more pictures of the kids...

Why am I paying for this if there's no cute pictures of babies?

where are you?

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