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December 05, 2008


oh laura - he's beautiful! what a wonderful wonderful christmas surprise!

My hubby would be jealous. He loves border collies.

He looks like a fine addition to the family. How nice that he could come early!

Nothing beats a rescue and a border collie! Come join Otis and friends on Rav - Dog Rescue!

How cute is Baxter!!!

Baxter is a very fine dog! Congratulations to you all!!

What a wonderful Christmas surprise, for Baxter as much as for your lovely family. May you all have many happy years together.

Border collies are wonderful dogs!

Just a warning, though, having had two: they are very intelligent dogs and like having a "job" to do. If you don't give them a "job", they will create one themselves and you might not like how the sofa leg looks after that. Ask me how I know.

Oh how wonderful! Now you'll have help herding the young'uns!

Enjoy your new boy!

Baxter is a handsome boy, indeed! My two rescue pups, Riley and Lewey, say "thanks" for giving him a nice home!

awwww he's sooo cute! You will definately have your hands full now!

What a very distinguished and wise looking young man! May he brighten your lives for many years. And thank you for thinking "rescue".

Ooooooh so cute!!

He looks like a real sweety. And how nice that Santa had brought him to a loving home.
Happy Holidays!

What a wonderful present! Baxter looks like a real sweetheart.

He's so cute! Does he herd kids?

What a neat surprise from Santa! I bet the girls were excited.

Border collies are one of my favorite types of dogs. But YES! They need to be kept busy. If they get bored - look out! Lots of walks and play time are absolutely essential with this breed. They are so cool! Congratulations!

The expression on Baxter's face is priceless....it looks as if he's saying, "You mean there are TWO of them?!" Meaning your beautiful daughters.

Baxter! Welcome!

He is gorgeous -- what a lovely addition to your family.

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