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January 29, 2009


I didn't know you had left over squares. What will you do with them? Happy Birthday to your husband!

I red every single item on your list. Happy Birthday to your guy!!

Happy Birthday Jeffery!!!!
I lol at number 4!! I can't believe you've been to jail!!! The BTK in your town still freaks me out and you hide your yarn stash well!

Happy Birthday, Jeff! And I am so with you on #17 and 18.

That is way too cool that you have been to Greenfield Village...That was the best field trip in school and I have been back since, many times, and now to get my kids there....I read ALL and enjoyed ALL....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEFF....................

Happy Birthday Jeff, you must be a great guy to be married to such a fantastic lady! And you even have filled in on the blog...yep, that's a good guy! And dear Laura, I loved your list!

Happy birthday, Jeff! And yes, I read all 100 items ;)
Take care, and enjoy the cake!

I don't think I've ever actually read an entire 100 things list until yours. I did! I think it's a sign of an active mind or a distracted mom or something.

Great list!

I lived in Park City when BTK was arrested. We saw all the law enforcement when we went to pick up the kids from school and I made a flippant remark about how they caught BTK. Watched the news later and saw that they actually did.

Happy Birthday Jeff!

I love:50. I had five kids before one finally looked like me. I am adopted and having people on the planet that look like me makes me profoundly happy. It is like a beacon- a way for me to locate myself.

While I do not share your faith, I am thrilled that you have it. Do not be afraid to share it. I am a firm believer in being the change you want to see in the world. And I believe you are that. I salute you.

Benny is getting ready for college? How wonderful and how awful. Yesterday I signed Duncan up for 1st grade and I literally cried when I checked the box.

I know squat about Type 2 as Angus has Type 1 and ANY support I can lend- I'm here.

Lotsa love to you and yours-

So which kid looks like you?

Okay, so I have to admit I haven't read every single one of them yet...but it's still neat to learn new things about you!

I'm missing Kansas today, while it's only in the 20's here...ugh!

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