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May 20, 2009


Getting enough sunshine IS important! It's good for the body and definitely lifts the spirits. Take care of yourself along with the family. XOX right back at you!

Very, very pretty. You're going to love wearing FLS!! Take care of yourself and enjoy the time outdoors!

Laura, hope you have a great summer. The sweater will be lovely. You know planting flowers uses WW activity points!

Summer is GOOD. Happy to see some projects!

Gorgeous sweater, I love the colour! And yes, have a great summer! Summer's not my favourite season, but everyone else is allowed to enjoy it :)

Your sweater looks lovely! Take time to take care of yourself!

Lovely knitting! Re the diabetes, you might be interested in checking out the books (public libraries have them) of Dr Richard K. Bernstein (this fellow's specialty is diabetes; he's not the weight loss guy we see advertising on tv). Wikipedia would give 'nutshell' information about his work. I came across his books at my public library when I needed to lose a lot of weight and was concerned that I was on the road to diabetes. They were a big help; sometimes the medical-speak was above me but that was offset by the wealth of information that was in lay terms. Good recipes in them also! I'll bet you'd be able to turn your condition around within a year. All the best to you!

hi i took a class from you at twist. i am making the feb. sweater,too. did you follow the pattern on increase row, with the yarn overs or did you use a different increase. like kfb. also I've been reading ravalry. did you dec. under the arms to take out the bulky under arms is this really a problem.

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