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August 12, 2009


hello laura! so nice to "hear" your lovely voice!
the estes pictures are beautiful - isn't it just a lovely place?
love the yarn winding in the car picture - too funny!

good to hear fromm you again. Sorry to hear about Katie, I remember all the heartache from when you were trying to get custody for all three. Try to keep smiling and we all know what a good mother you are :)

Sorry to hear about Katie, Laura :( Sending you massive hugs!!!!
I love your stranded hat and wish I was there to take your class because i'm still being a chicken when it comes to fair isle.

Laura, my heart aches for your mothering heart! You and your family will be in my prayers. My brother is divorced and it effects the entire family. That's hard and sad stuff to deal with, but what a blessing to see God balancing life with so many blessings!
Love you bunches!

Welcome back, Laura! I'm missed you. Your sweater is beautiful. Your little girls are growing so much! I've been fortunate not to have to deal with custody issues, so I have no advice other than keep praying. That's what my mom always taught. I'll pray for your family as well.

Hey! It's you!

Technically, I'm on Facebook. But I am never ever ever there. Twitter is my new thing!

I'm sorry about Katie. You are, as always, on my mind.

Hey Laura,

I think I tried leaving you a comment a while ago, but my computer wasn't cooperating. I've been meaning to reply to your FB messages for MONTHS now! Sorry I couldn't visit with you the second time you were in CO. I didn't get your message until after the fact, but I wouldn't have been able to anyway!
I am so sorry to hear about Katie and cannot even imagine the emotions that you and your family must be filled with. I do hope that your relationship with her mends with time.
Your little girls aren't so little anymore! They're such dolls!
Take care Laura!

oh ps. love the hat AND the name winterfleur. :)

Hi Laura, your blog is new to me and normally I would not write right away, but wanted to express my sympathy, as a mother also, regarding Katie. The only thing I have to offer, though, besides prayer, is hope: that one day she will turn around as the young so often do and you must live a full life until then so you will be ready to accept her with open arms when it happens. And always tell her you love her whenever you have contact with her. That's all, I guess. You sound like a terrific person.

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