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June 30, 2006


Good luck with everything. Enjoy your holiday and relax as much as you can. Good thoughts are coming your way.

I love ice cream churns - it a great way to keep kids busy! & tastes great too!

Have a great long weekend! Calliope is looking lovely :)

Do take time to enjoy the holiday and the kids. I see a resemblence between your sister and Susannah. I love that it looks like Emeline has a mohawk in the photo!!

Breathe in, Breathe out. You can do this. We all have every confidence in you. Ever hear the saying that excitement and fear are the same body sensation? Maybe it is just the way you perceive it. You are awesome.

Still keeping the thoughts and prayers coming. Have a safe and fun holiday.

Calliope looks great!

That purple flower shot is awesome!!

Have a wonderful July 4th weekend!!!

gosh you are killing me on the Amazing Lace, I really need to get stuck into mine, that however would require time of quiet to knit..... hummmm haven't knit since I can home YET!
Have a wonderful july 4th weekend!
6.5INCHES TOOT TOOT that horn girl! It takes a while at the start but it sounds like your going good. Keep it up, it will get easier with time. Promise!

Have a wonderful holiday! Thanks for sharing your family.

Hoping that Emeline is doing better..

How is Miss Emeline? I hope you have some ice cream left to get you through the weekend!

Wow Laura! That vest is gorgous! And can you please send me some ice cream???

Thanx! ;)

I have fond memories of making ice cream with a hand crank maker like that. We always made our ice cream outside on the porch. Dad would set it in a galvanized tub (to catch the melting ice), cover the top with a folded blanket and then have us kids take turns sitting on the top while he cracked. We only made ice cream from scratch once or twice a year. It was a real treat!

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