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June 19, 2006


Great pictures!

By the way, I love the chenille bib thing. Don't undercharge; they're great!

ahhh the one with Emeline pinching Suzannah's nose is great! lol The look on Emeline is too cute!

Completely precious. Have a safe trip.

Oh, Laura, those are great pictures! I especially love the last one :) You have such beautiful girls, and I know how proud you must be of them (and all your kids!)

Have a safe trip.

Your girls are adorable! Have a safe trip.

Awwww. Gotta love the sister shots.

I love collages of any kind of picture! SO cute...mom's here and knitting socks that I am very impressed with!


They're beauties!!

Such beautiful girls! You don't need me to tell you what a lucky mom you are, I'm sure you already know. :)

cute, cuteeeeeeeeeeeee Girls ya got!!

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