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June 16, 2006


Oh my gosh, orchids come in just about any color you like! Check out this one that is a similar color: http://elkgroveorchids.net/images/cattleya.jpg :)

Christine's a true Chicagoan - vote early and often! I like Suzannah's method of sun-block. ;-)

Can't wait to see Calliope!

The day in the sun with your daughters looks so relaxing.

Send some of that startitis over this way, would ya?

The pictures really made me smile! There's nothing like sprinkler fun.

That last picture is priceless!
Lila looks too cute enjoying the shade!
Hope you get to start your new project soon.

I'm with you on the color thing. The color is just about anything BUT orchid. (I agree, should have at least a touch more blue, huh? lol)
Ballot stuffing? Now, who would do a thing like that....

cute, cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee pics of the Girls!!

May be it's a Very Exotic Orchid. That only grows in um...uh...Very Exotic.

The sprinkler sure looks refreshing!

My dad has some orchids in that color, but I agree - I see that color and think "Raspberry". I can't wait to see how it knits up!

The girls look like they're having so much fun - what a great day!

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