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August 31, 2006


Finally, some movement! Crossing finger and toes.

I have a smile on my face, too!!!

I was sitting here at my desk and swore I heard a loud exhale coming from the Southwest. Glad to hear the ball is finally rolling!

Hey there! I just love the sound of excitement in your post. I know that feeling when you're dealing with lawyers and somewhere, somebody does something to help. It's one of the most awesome feelings of elation, and you just wanna hug someone till they're eyes pop out of their head. (Well, maybe not THAT hard, but you get the drift.)

*hugs* *but be careful of my eyes, school starts next week*


Finally. You have taught me SO much about how NOT to practice law.......fingers crossed.

Why didn't they file the subpoena with the motion? Duh........

If all goes well, I'd be naming the new yarn Phyllis in honor of her helpfulness!

I think with all your excitement, a quick run around the block sounds in order.
Here's hoping all goes as well.

It's just nail biting! Yay for Phyllis!

Oh my goodness here you go now it starts... good luck

ahhh Laura thats wonderful news!!! *sends big Hug*
Don't you be worrying yourself sick now, it will all pan out!

Good luck with everything

The best news I've heard all day!

Now it's on a roll! Great! The next couple weeks will go by fast for you, I hope.

Sounds like you are making progress! Can I ask more technical questions? The ex will be served papers stating that the hearing is set and he needs to appear? Are the terms laid out? I mean, is the hearing to change the current custody situation or is it just to start the ball rolling to get a temporary change made?

I am curious about this whole thing, having dealt with some things with my husband's ex. (I used to get the uncontrollable shakes whenever something was going on....) But we had joint custody and it was quite simple and not nearly as serious as what you are dealing with.

Glad this step is finally completed. Try and stay calm. I'll bet you get a lot of knitting done in the next 3 weeks.

More than one thing is ready, eh? Woo hoo!!!!


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