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August 19, 2006


I just emailed you..... I LOVE that yarn!

Rovings, yarn, babies! Cuteness overload!

Love the yarn, though, and I just sent you an email...

Good luck with the papers. Let us know.

Cute baby!

Such a cute picture of the baby! Batten down the hatches now. And here's hoping the filing goes through as planned.

Definately time to lower that mattress. Isn't it funny how each kid seems totally different? Growth, personalities, interests?

We have the same activity table. It was one of Peanut's favorites. She's never been higher than 10% for height and always above 50% for weight. My nephew is just the opposite. He's always been near 100% for height and under 50% for weight.

Lovely skein! And, most beautiful Lila Pearl........

Lila is so darling. She'll be running you (even more) ragged soon!

Hi Laura,
I hope you get notified for comments on old posts! First - that yarn is so pretty! I am wondering what needle you use for the Monty 3/9's. (Although I subscribe to your feed through bloglines I found this post in a google search.) Anyway, I haven't knit with the Monty 3/9s and I'm wondering if a #1 needle is too small...

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