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September 25, 2006


Oh, your purse turned out so well :) Someday I'll have to find some SWS. Your stitchmarkers are so cute! I love the mitten and snowflake.

The felted bag is great and I agree that Susan is very talented!

Hey how come I don't have those cute markers at work :(
Thats sooo weird that you posted about the SWS wool cause we just got it in and I was planning on sending you some lol
The bag looks great!
Glad you back is doing better!

Good to see that you are bouncing back to your usual self! And keeping busy has to be good for the soul!

Laura, I just had the chance to read your last two posts. I am so sorry for all of your troubles. I do hope your children are okay and I am sending you all my blessings that time passes quickly and things get resolved. (I also sent you your package today, so I hope that helps cheer you up!!)

Wow, it's only been a couple of days since I was able to "check in" and I can't believe how much I missed. As always, you and your family are in my prayers.

Great projects in this post!

Look at you go! Staying busy and creating with your hands is a good way to pass time.

I see your tricky shaping (yay!), but it's not quite the same technique I used. ;)

CUTE stitch markers! i love the mitten ones, and the puple leaves are gorgeous too! your projects always come out so well--that little bag is a treasure.

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