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September 01, 2006


Ahhh! Such dreamy mohair! It's just gorgeous!!

Well, I'm lovin' the Evening Sun - it's kinda reminding me of Rainbow Sherbet! It's gorgeous! And I just love that it makes me smile. As does that blue mohair blend. but what really makes me smile is the feel of empowerment in this post. Lots of positive energy, Laura! Good to hear!


You are a master spinner. Look at that mohair! It is beautiful.
You are a strong woman and you know what you want and where you're going. May your children be safely in your care soon!

There's a strand in your "Evening Sun" that's a sort of sagey green and peachy color - that's the colors of my kitchen! I'm glad you're finding spinning uses up the nervous energy. Good thoughts - prayers for you and the kids - and here's hoping the scales drop from X's eyes and he realizes that this isn't a battle he should win and he bows out gracefully. Oh, and Hook 'em Horns!! ;-)

Oh, that IS eye candy indeed! What a great way to work out the nervous, stressful energy! I so want to learn to spin, but I'm on hobby overload right now. Maybe when the Seattle rain starts... I love the colors you've put together here - very pretty! What are you going to make with all that loveliness?

What? Bragging? It's not bragging if it's true. Which it is.

Even though it's causing you stress, I'm glad the wheels are in motion at court. The faster it starts the faster it's over. You may not have lost 9 pounds, but at least you've not FOUND 9 more. ;)

Good for you, channelling your energy into creative outlets. So therapeutic! Lovely yarn!!

Spinning (and knitting) are great for that surplus nervous energy! Your yarn looks great.

I am crossing my fingers and toes for you Laura! Good luck with everything!


You seriously are a natural spinner. Its all gorgeous! And the mohair....... wow!!!
I'm hoping by now that the papers have been served and all is going well. Won't be long now :)

Laura, I'm so glad things are finally happening for you and your family! Good thoughts for you and your family.
(i'm still jealous of your spinning. and your dyeing. *sigh* so pretty.)

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