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September 15, 2006


I love that photo of the pears in the tree! Now I want to stop at the grocery store on the way home and buy pears. But they won't be as good and I know it.
Have a great weekend, Laura.

Well the pears may not be very good for eating, but they sure are nice to look at. Have a good weekend!

Great pics! The classic circs from Knitpicks in sock sizes are awesome. Have you looked at those? And the price is pretty great too.

You make the pears LOOK good even if they don't taste good. Enjoy your weekend, too!

Your pear story reminded me of a cute book my youngest and I used to read together. Mr. Putter and Tabby Pick the Pears. http://www.powells.com/biblio?isbn=0152002464
Actually, all of the Cynthia Rylant short readers are great. Cute little stories and fun illustrations.

The pears look yummy. My in-laws have a pear tree and I love to make pear and apple pie. mmmmm

Good luck with all of your upcoming court matters.

Must get back to you too, regarding the yarn and doily. Been a little busy/disorganized lately.

Of course you realize that the person I was referring to at the end of my message as being busy/disorganized is ME! I just re-read it and hit 'post' and then thought....yikes, that could be interpreted as me thinking you've been a little too busy, etc. Ugggh, I must take the time to check things, THINK, and THEN hit send. ;)

The close up photo, the pear - is great!! Love it! Have a great weekend!

Love that up close pic! Hope you enjoy your knitting time on the drive up, are you taking the kids?

Wow - I've never seen an actual pear tree before. Thanks! :) If the pears aren't so good for eating maybe they would make good pear butter?

I think your X is trying the DENIAL technique. Won't work though!

Great pictures, Laura. Who would have thought that a pear tree could be so purty?
Maybe X isn't going to oppose your petition? Could it be? Perhaps the evil stepmother wants the kids to go to you?

Great minds must think alike! I just did a "pear" post before I started visiting my Bloglines. You will enjoy doing Branching Out, it's pretty good travel knitting. Good luck this week, and many prayers for a successful outcome!

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