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September 10, 2006


I used to tell my kids that I had a deal with the tooth fairy whereby I could keep their teeth, because I liked them as a keepsake. So I always stuck them into a ziplock bag and put them into a pocket in their baby books! :-)

Your spinning looks so great. I can't seem to get started, but I will.

I think there's still baby teeth in my jewelry drawer. Not that I could tell you which kid they came from. I guess great minds think alike!

.... your wallet!
*Laura walks into yarn shop grabs the sock yarn she needs and heads to the cash*
Store Employee - "That will be $23.10 please"
Laura - " I know I have the ten cents in here,*digs thru purse* ah yes here it is.
*Laura holds her hand out with the 10 cents and a few baby teeth.*
Laura - "oh whoopsy thats just my 10 year olds first tooth *smiles sheepishly*
lol Your a weird one Miss L.
How about a little box or bag that you could keep in your bedside cabinet or something.

Your spinning looks great, I wish i had carders to play with, I brushed mountains out of summer when she was here.

This might be too weird but if you are really wanting to preserve them you could probably get one of those kits that lets you embed things into resin/clear plastic. Just like they do with bugs. The kits are at Michaels etc. So you could have little cubes with little teeth in them. But you probably couldn't carry them in your wallet!

My father, the sentimental old fool, carefully set as many of our baby teeth as he could find in mother's jewelry box (we had a propensity for swallowing them) into the concrete of the patio he was making.

That was 49 years ago. We moved from that house in 1960. My father passed away in 2004. This summer I gathered the courage to walk up to the house to see if our teeth were still stuck in the corners of the blocks.

They were! The owner very graciously took a picture of me sitting beside my front tooth!

Homeschoolers use baby teeth for science experiments (in vinegar, in Coke, in other substances...) Sounds callous? Perhaps. But you use what you have on hand!

The yarn arrived. Merci!

Hugs to you~ hoping for the very best in court and for those last 7 pounds!

I'm in awe over the spindle bag, it's really great. And those teeny tiny little needles. You DO have patience. Lots of it. It looks like the spindle should fit once you block it.

All these spinning posts are making me think of taking it up myself!
The curly bit is adorable.
We had one day of rain here yesterday and I was loving it - it didn't last nearly long enough for me either. Soon enough. Soon enough. Although our long range weather forecast is for sun until November. Ugh. This is the coast - we need rain!!
I shouldn't make it sound so bad. But I too want to wear some wool sockies.

I saved my daughter's first 2 baby teeth. Since then, I've been flushing them. I'm of the mind that yes, you may want to cherish your child's youth, but a tooth or two is a memento, a drawer-ful of teeth borders on overkill.

I will give those two teeth to my daughter when she's older and she can decide whether to keep them. :-)

BEAUTIFUL spindle bag.

I would keep them in a Mysterious Locked Box in my jewelery drawer. Not only are the locked up and safe from getting lost, but the curiosity would make the kids completely crazy.

This is my favorite yarn you have made so far! Love the natural color and the tweed effect. Will you have enough to knit something from it?

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