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September 03, 2006


What's the yardage on the laceweight? It's all just gorgeous!!

Such pretty girls!

The sky is beautiful, the yarn is LOVELY, but those babies! OMG! THOSE BABIES! They are the best! And keeping you and your other babies in my thought. *hugs*

I would like the laceweight if it's still available.

Your girls are adorable, and good luck with your other children.

ohhh Emeline looks sooo grown up in that picture, such a little lady!
Lila must think that since she picked out such a great picture for her big sis she may as well get some use out of it too lol
Your new colourway is gorgeous!

Yarn is gorgeous. Kid pics are adorable. Good luck with the outcome of you know what. Phew.

I just wanted to say that one of the reasons I enjoy your pictures is because of your house. I looked back in your old posts and it looks like a great place. Whenever you take indoor pictures there is always a lovely light shining in the windows and it looks like a very cheerful home. That probably doesn't make sense, but it's a compliment!

Look at me commenting again! Hooray! The kid picutres are great (your albums must be FULL of the best pictures) and your Saturday sky is wonderful (lovely composition).

Can't tell you how nice it feels to be back in - thanks for all the trouble that must ahve been! :D

BEAUTIFUL YARN but your grrls are just so darling, more darling.

Just want to say HI! Thinking of you! Looove the colours of the yarn!!

Pictures of your girls always make me smile.

The yarn is very pretty - I love Lilacs, too! We had a huge bush in our back yard when I was a kid and many a morning my Mom would send me off to school with a bunch of lilacs (the stems were always wrapped in a wet papertowel and plastic wrap) for my teacher. Wow! Emeline looks so different with her hair down!

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